Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I upload an ECG?

Once you have agreed to the Terms of Service you will see the next page entitled “Image Upload”.

Check out our tutorial for sharing an ECG from the Apple 'Health' app

We also have a tutorial for sharing an ECG from Kardia

If using another service, tap the “Choose File” button. The ECG images should be stored in your photo library. Once you have tapped the “Choose File” button, you will be brought to a new screen that includes your photo library. Tap the photo image of the ECG tracing that you wish to upload then press Select at the top left of the page. On the Step 2 page include any relevant information including symptoms by tapping the buttons next to each of the listed symptoms. If you have no symptoms leave the buttons untapped. There is also a text box to write any additional information you wish to convey to the reading physician. Once complete tap the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page – you may need to scroll down.

2. How do I provide payment?

On the “Payment” page tap on the “add a new card” and then add the requested credit card information. Once your card is added, tap the “Checkout” button to complete payment. You will receive an email confirmation at your provided email address. You can also use Apple Pay to charge your card.

3. My reading returned yellow stating it was “Uninterpretable.” Was I billed for this submission?

Yes. Your credit card was billed. However, you will have 30 days to resubmit an ECG without an additional charge. To re-submit an ECG click the “Re-submit” button on the re-submission page. Common causes of an “Uninterpretable” reading include motion during the recording and or poor skin contact.

4. My reading returned yellow stating Uninterpretable. What do I do next?

This means the ECG provided was associated with artifact that would not allow for a proper reading by the physician. Re-record the ECG tracing using your wearable device. Tap on the reading listed in yellow as Uninterpretable. It will take you to a re-submission page where you can resubmit the new recording. You will have 30 days to re-submit the ECG without additional charge. Common causes of an “Uninterpretable” reading include motion during the recording and or poor skin contact.

5. My password does not work. How do I reset?

Click the “Click Here” text next to “Forgot your password” and underneath the “Login” button on the Login page. You will be prompted to send an email request to change your password after which an email will be sent to the provided email account with directions on how to update your password.

6. I need help navigating the app. Who should I reach out to?

If you need help navigating through our platform, please contact our support team and we would be happy to help!
Email for support!

7. My follow up recommendation states “Follow Up: Urgent…Contact your physician within 24-48 hours”. What if I do not have a physician?

If you do not currently have a physician, then you can contact one of the Cardiology offices using the “Find a Cardiologist” button for local physician offices.

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